Millennial Initiative

Without question, Millennials are the most unique generation in history to dominate the workforce. This, in and of itself, spawns conflict as they assume their rightful position as tomorrow’s business leaders. Clearly the most diverse generation in history, Millennials are uniquely positioned to help bridge the generation gap by engaging the very practices that set them apart from other generations, i.e. digital skills, social media, and connection.

When Millennials use their digital skills to research their company’s history they gain knowledge with which to better navigate the organizaiton structure. If they establish themselves professionally through industry-specific social media outlets, they will better understand the industry’s most pressing issues. Additionally, when Millennials establish a connection with their colleagues, they gain respect for the principles that make the company successful. The end result is mutual respect and collaborative effort that optimizes the Millennial’s contribution and promotes career success.

This Business Insider article published in August is spot-on. It features David Goldin, CEO of Capify, who gives promotion advice to Millennials. Much of it comes down to understanding and accepting the drivers behind current workplace practices while taking initiative to highlight your skills and proactively manage your career. Read the article here:


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