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Cognitive Thinking is the underpinning for Ahnimisha Consulting workshops, which are specifically designed to impart knowledge through experience, thought, and sensory input.

Group Learning is a powerful venue for growing talent intellect. Our workshops are designed to be fast-moving and interactive with an open exchange of real-life experiences to ground new knowledge in practical reality. The outcome is shared intellect in the form of knowledge, skills, and practiced confidence!

Featured Workshops Tailored to Meet Your Needs

High Performing Leadership Teams

This workshop is for leadership teams who want to take their collective impact to the next level. It’s fast-paced and leadership-focused, and it utilizes proven tools and techniques to deliver knowledge, skills, and uncommon alignment. A tight conglomeration of independent thinkers operating in unison with an individual and collective commitment to:

  • Purpose – active alignment on mission, vision, values, and beliefs
  • Clarity – operational understanding of each team members’ strengths, perspectives, and approach; collective perspective on how the group “entity” operates relative to style, motivators, and stress behaviors
  • Psychological Safety – team commitment demonstrated by tangible deliverables, i.e., operating rules and accountability, team protocols, and conflict management guidelines

Tools and Techniques Used in the High Performing Leadership Workshop

  • Birkman Method® Assessment
  • The 3 Pillars of HPT™ by Birkman International
  • Four Levels of Team Performance
  • Team Charter Templates

Next Level Leadership

The Next Level Leadership workshop is for new and established leaders who want to take their skills to the next level. Focusing on personal awareness and generational dynamics, participants will leave the workshop with the knowledge, skills, and practice they need to better connect, engage, and optimize the contribution of every person they lead. Specifically, participants will gain:

  • Personal Awareness – applied understanding of their strengths, interests, motivators, and stress behaviors with an emphasis on how to proactively manage the impact they have on others
  • Generational Dynamics – actionable insights on the diverse expectations of every generation with an emphasis on how to connect, engage, and optimize the contribution of every generation

Tools and Techniques Used in the Next Level Leadership Workshop

  • Birkman Method® Assessment
  • The Multi-Generational Playbook© for Leaders

Feedback Conversations™

This workshop is for leaders at every level of the organization who want to learn how to give effective feedback in the normal course of business. From prework to applied practice, this workshop prepares participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to give positive, corrective, and developmental feedback the moment they return to the workplace. What participants will leave with includes:

  • a high-impact formula for positive feedback
  • a model to minimize resistance when delivering corrective feedback
  • the knowledge to create receptivity to feedback
  • practiced confidence to strengthen relationships with feedback conversations

Tools and Techniques

  • Feedback Conversations® by Leadscape Learning

Navigational Conversations™

The Navigational Conversations™ workshop is meant for mid-level managers who want the skills to unlock the capacity to help others perform to their full potential. Navigational Conversations™ equips managers with strategic coaching skills to build trust, create alignment, and prompt others to “play at a higher level.” This is a high-impact workshop that moves fast and creates amazing energy with reality-based discussion and practical application.

Participants will learn how to create the right space for a coaching conversation, get to the heart of the matter, listen at the appropriate level, step up the thinking level and guide the coachee to success with well-placed observations. Participants will leave with practiced skills utilizing:

  • a five-step model for coaching conversations
  • the art of conscious listening
  • the art of intentional questioning
  • the art of using observations, opinion, and experience to inform and guide

Tools and Techniques

  • Navigational Conversations® by Leadscape Learning

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