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Satisfied customers are our bread and butter, and we take pride in understanding our clients to the point where our work is viewed as an extension of their own. Every client is unique, and every solution is uniquely tailored to create sustainable results. Those results are what leads to real customer satisfaction; the kind that results in a first-hand reference:

"My favorite client is EVERY client, and client satisfaction is my only goal."

̶ Abby Foster, Founder of Ahnimisha Consulting

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Jennifer Guzman

Train Service Manager II - J.B. Hunt Transport Services

“Abby was as an exceptional coach who helped me unlock my potential and motivated me to maximize my performance at work and outside of work. She also helped me understand and take to heart the value of diversity and take advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate and attest to its importance”.

Kristal Gano

Director or Performance Measurements & Analytics, Arvest Bank

I was partnered with Abby Foster during a time in my life where I didn’t yet know how much I needed her guidance and support.  I was coming out of a season that revolved around raising my small children and as they needed me less (hands on and day-to-day) I wasn’t sure how to refocus and find the identity in myself again.  Abby was so patient to listen, and she offered integrity and respect in keeping our discussions confidential.  Working together, we outlined a life plan for the 6 months going forward that literally changed my course.  I discovered a renewed self-confidence and leadership skills that had been hiding below the surface.  I was able to purposefully re-align my activities (professional, social, etc.) to my core values.  Abby equipped me to be intentional about the things that were important, and give myself grace to turn away from things that were not enhancing my life.  I will always be appreciative for the services Abby offered, and I will consider her a mentor for life!”

Jennifer Horton

Director, Global Audit - Walmart

“Abby has been an amazing coach to me since I had met her. She was matched as my mentor through the PLE program that I had recently attended. We met every other week outside the classroom, and the advice she had shared with me especially helped me to make changes in my life to improve my leadership and make me more effective and efficient in both my personal and professional life. She is an amazing listener, and she was always prepared for our sessions. The sessions were specifically tailored to me, and I appreciated the time and effort she put into preparing for our meetings. Despite graduating from the PLE program, I consider Abby to be a lifelong mentor and friend.”

Ember Carter

Closing Agent Team Lead | WACO Title

Abby is a phenomenal coach. She is a genuine person who cares about your wellbeing, and she has your best interest at heart in both a personal and professional setting.  She really invests in helping you achieve goals and set future goals in life. She challenges you to be a better version of yourself, and encourages you to really tap into your personal toolbox to set yourself up with the best possible outcomes.”

Betsy Johnson

Director, Human Resources – Briggs & Veselka Co.

“Abby did a great job soliciting meaningful information that was important for the firm. We now have honest feedback from our employees that will help us move forward. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help in understanding what their employees are looking for in the workplace.”

Susan Norton

Chief of Staff - City of Fayetteville

“The City of Fayetteville has relied on Abby’s significant facilitation skills for several important projects, including community collaboration on potential regulations that would impact a wide variety of stakeholders, and work with key partners on solutions for a large capital project.  Abby’s inquiry skills in developing the statement of objectives on behalf of her clients is spot on and leads to clear objectives for the outcomes of the facilitation.  Abby calmly and efficiently directs the meetings for these outcomes, even when the participants present challenging and differing points of view.  I highly recommend Abby for facilitated planning for success!”

John Flatowicz, CPA

Managing Shareholder – Briggs & Veselka Co.

“Abby Foster’s services accurately captured the culture of our firm, providing detail and insight in such a way that we are able to move forward in a practical manner. Her presentation was very informative and thorough ̶ I highly recommend her services.”

Jennifer Nix

Program Manager, Engineering & Technology - J.B. Hunt

“The strategic planning training you provided for the GROW board has been hugely impactful, and it revolutionized the way I planned my 2020 strategic plan!  I have clarity of vision and laser-like focus on what I will deliver this year, and a tangible plan to execute.  Thank you SO much for your help and continued guidance!”

Tim Nyander

Utilities Director - City of Fayetteville

Abby Foster of Ahnimisha Consulting performed and completed a Succession Planning Project for the City of Fayetteville, AR Utilities Department in 2017 – 2018. The Department’s goal was to lay the groundwork to be able to identify and develop our future leaders in the normal course of business.

Ahnimisha Consulting, and specifically Abby Foster, presented a process to the Utility’s management team that developed our insight on potential leaders, as well as what experiences, values and skills we felt were important in our future leaders. With her experience and guidance, we were able to select several high performers, and several currently hold management positions within the organization.  Along with her experience and attention to detail, Abby was able to present real life examples of the benefits, as well as how to avoid pitfalls when developing our future leaders. She knows how to inspire managers to really examine what direction their organization is going, what kind of future managers are needed, and what their skill set needs to be in order to be successful.

I would recommend Ahnimisha Consulting as your professional of choice when undertaking a Succession Planning endeavor in your organization.

Mandy Schaefer, CRMA

Compliance & Ethics Officer – Texas Municipal Power Agency | Past President ̶ Brazos Valley IIA

“Our organization gained valuable perspectives coupled with practical application insights from the Birkman Assessments and Multigenerational Workshop delivered by Abby Foster and Susan Odell. I would highly recommend these dynamic speakers, and the workshop offers a beneficial opportunity from the individual level to the group level, across any industry. The workshop was fun and engaging, and provided relevant professional development that exceeded our expectations.”

Private Coaching Clients

Kristy Meinzer

Financial Coach

“I connected with Abby from the moment I met her. Her driving spirit, energy, empathy, and flexibility were invaluable to me during our professional coaching sessions. Abby’s wealth of insights from her years in business and her stories encouraged, inspired, and entertained me. Our coaching relationship felt comfortable yet challenging. Abby met me where I was, even when my path detoured! Abby helped me gain perspective on my situations and guided me to discover the best path forward. Having Abby in my corner as I navigated personal and professional challenges was a tremendous experience. In fact, as I begin a new journey as an entrepreneur I am seeking coaching from Abby again!”

Compliance Executive

Medical Industry

“Abby Foster’s presence is a blessing. There are times of uncertainty, stagnation and progression but her approach of: listen, question, and challenge brings forward the unseen and unheard, often, the most valuable. She brings invaluable insight to any situation and delivers it to be understood. She embodies empowerment, knowledge, and action. My relationship with Abby is never done.”

Assistant Direct of Community Health and Research

University School of Medical Sciences

“I am very thankful to have had Abby Foster to help guide my professional career. She has helped me set personal and professional goals that have helped me become a better leader to my team and a more well-rounded person. Her guidance and advice have helped me through difficult challenges in my personal and professional life. Thank you, Abby, for your mentorship!”

Holly Martin

Manager of Intermodal Appointments - JB Hunt Transport

“Abby walks alongside you to reveal your strengths, value, and potential.  She helped me unlock my “super-power” skills, that led me to have a new perspective in my work and personal life.  Her coaching did not stop at the corporate doors, but permeated my life, to give me a healthier, more balanced sense of worth and capability.”

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