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At Ahnimisha Consulting, our work is our passion, and positioning individuals and organizations for absolute success is what we do!

From the front line to the board room, we work seamlessly with clients to help them gain the knowledge, insights, skills, and practices they need to maximize the contribution of everyone on the payroll. In short, our goal and our passion are only realized when clients are well-equipped and securely on track to reach their full potential.

Our goal and our passion are only realized when our clients are

well-equipped and securely on track to reach their full potential.

H.R. Consulting with Tangible Results – The Secret Sauce

Talent intellect is our product, and knowledge is a key ingredient in our secret sauce. With over 30 years of corporate experience, we deliver deep subject matter expertise across the talent management continuum with an emphasis on the balance between investment and results.

At Ahnimisha Consulting, we believe that talent intellect is supported by financial intelligence, and we understand the importance of measured results…a core component of our success and yours!

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Tailored Solutions for Your Company

Tailored solutions delivered in a practical, pragmatic approach is the way we operate. We know talent, and you know your business. We blend them in a style of seamless integration.

By coupling cutting-edge people practices with your specific business needs, we develop unique solutions to help you unlock and unleash the full power of your people. We believe in sustainable solutions, and intellect transfer is another key ingredient that sets us apart from our competition. While others deliver volume, we deliver know-how to amp up the energy, spotlight the strengths, and leverage the collective Talent Intellect that represents your brand.


The ICF [International Coaching Federation] defines Coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

At Ahnimisha Consulting, we view coaching as a pivot point – a place where aspiration meets reality, and creative collaboration leads the way to actionable insights and declared intent. With seasoned coaches, proven tools, and professional techniques, our coaches work in total lockstep with your people to address behavioral blind spots and leverage motivational strengths to unlock and unleash the amazing potential they hold inside.

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Cognitive Thinking is the underpinning for Ahnimisha Consulting workshops, which are specifically designed to impart knowledge through experience, thought, and sensory input. Our approach is true group learning, and our workshops are designed to be fast-moving and interactive with an open exchange of real-life experiences to ground new knowledge in practical reality.

Practical application is a key differentiator in the learning process, and every group learning experience includes practical application practices that prepare participants to apply new muscle with practiced confidence.

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Expert advice that goes beyond the statement of work is our mantra. From compensation analysis to millennial satisfaction and succession planning, we approach client projects with a sense of ownership that thinks well beyond the traditional consulting model.

Our goal in every project is to address your needs with specificity, forward-thinking solutions, and proven tools and techniques that we implement on your behalf. We focus on desired outcomes, approaching each project with practical, pragmatic, and proven talent intellect. At Ahnimisha, we feed our consulting clients – we don’t feed ON them.

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Unencumbered objectivity with focused attention on purpose and outcomes is our goal for facilitation services. Meeting facilitation is a powerful tool to bring clarity and collaboration to address complex topics.

From offsite strategy sessions to open forums (public and private), we deploy master facilitators with the intellect and intuition to create an open and inviting environment with tools and techniques to progress the agenda to achieve your desired outcomes. Ahnimisha will lead you through a simple and impactful process to plan, prepare, and execute your meeting with seasoned (and masterful) insights and expertise.

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