Next Generation Strategy

As the largest generation to enter the workforce since Baby Boomers, Millennials have arrived with their own version of workplace etiquette and practices. They are the beginning of a new approach to the workplace, and forward-thinking companies are taking strategic steps to respect, engage, and grow this Next Generation of leaders. Ahnimisha provides proprietary tools and customized training to help you bridge the generation gap, attract and retain Millennials, and position your company for the 21st Century workforce.

Services Include:
• Multigenerational Workforce Dynamics
• Attract and Retain Millennials
• Generational Awareness Training (for Millennials)
• Millennial Perspectives Survey©
• Multigenerational Team Workshop
• Millennial Leadership Program (high-potential Millennials)


“Abby Foster’s services accurately captured the culture of our firm, providing detail and insight in such a way that we are able to move forward in a practical manner. Her presentation was very informative and thorough ̶ I highly recommend her services.”

John Flatowicz, CPA, Managing Shareholder – Briggs & Veselka Co.

“Abby did a great job soliciting meaningful information that was important for the firm. We now have honest feedback from our employees that will help us move forward. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help in understanding what their employees are looking for in the workplace.”

Betsy Johnson, Director, Human Resources – Briggs & Veselka Co.

“Abby’s insight and training on a multi-generational workforce helped us identify needed organization changes to engage and retain our ever increasing millennial workforce.”

Taylor FaughtChief Executive Officer – The Right Solutions

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