About Ahnimisha

Ahnimisha Consulting specializes in solutions for Workforce Effectiveness. We deliver workshops, training seminars, professional coaching, and consulting services utilizing proven tools and techniques to help companies maximize the efforts of every employee in today’s multigenerational workforce.

A note from our founder, Abby Foster. . .

“I started Ahnimisha Consulting because I wanted to motivate and inspire organizations to think beyond current practices and embrace emerging trends as a cultural norm. My belief that cultural flexibility is critical to corporate survival comes from my Choctaw ancestors who were known for their ability to assess and embrace change in a gradual manner without endangering their core beliefs. The name Ahnimisha is a combination of the Choctaw words “ahni” [to think], and “misha” [beyond] and a perfect representation of a core value I want to bring to my clients.”


AbbyHeadshotAbout Abby Foster

As the founder and Managing Principal of Ahnimisha Consulting, Abby Foster has over 25 years of corporate experience and is a generational dynamics trainer, Human Capital consultant, and a certified Birkman© consultant.

With her background in public accounting and corporate finance, Foster delivers customized solutions with measurable results. Senior leadership roles at Deloitte Consulting, Exult, and Baker Hughes, are the foundation for her expertise in workforce dynamics, and the venues from which she successfully led a number of diverse teams both in and outside the U.S.

Foster’s qualifications in Next Generation Strategy are a product of extensive study and practical application. With a passion for embracing diversity in the workplace, she built and deployed a cross-generational staffing model, halting the decline of a struggling organization, and putting it on a positive trajectory for the first time in 20 years. Foster credits this success to a high performing cross-generational team. She states that, “to combine the knowledge of the Traditionalist, the intestinal fortitude of the Baby Boomer, and the innovative spirit of Generation X with the entrepreneurial ambition of the Millennial is to create a truly unstoppable team.